INGENIERIA Y SOLUCIONES TECNOLÓGICAS - INSOLTEC LTDA, was created on August 15, 2000, by a group of engineers, technologists and technicians with extensive work experience in ICP - ECOPETROL, with the objective of offering integral services of design, consulting and specialized maintenance of Industrial and laboratory equipment. INSOLTEC LTDA currently provides specialized maintenance services in different sectors of the industry, making it possible to enter the petrochemical area through the installation of online analyzers in the acid plant and the contract for the provision of maintenance services to the equipment Laboratory of quality control of the Barrancabermeja Refinery Management.

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To be leaders in the supply, assembly and installation, commissioning and the provision of specialized maintenance services, in the lines of automation, energy, instrumentation and engineering, laboratories, seeking to strengthen business lines, by expanding markets, which leadership and positioning.


Our Aims

Our commitment, satisfying the needs and expectations of our customers, employees and partners, provides integral solutions in Electronic, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, in the provision of specialized maintenance services, process automation, energy solutions, structured cabling, Basic engineering, detailing and commercialization of industrial instrumentation and laboratory equipment, based on the integral development of our human talent and committed to the CARE OF THE INDIVIDUAL, THE ENVIRONMENT and society.


Meet your expectations

We maintain a commitment to customers, employees and partners to meet their needs and expectations in the provision of specialized services and commercialization of instrumentation, solutions for process automation, UPS and laboratory equipment, based on the integral care of our human talent and the Protection of the environment, controlling the occupational risks and the environmental impact we generate, compromises compliance with the applicable legal requirements and the continuous improvement of our processes.



Insoltec Ltda., Through the Eco-efficiency Corporation, operator of the Cleaner Production Node of Santander, is participating in the Ecoprofit Club, which is a Training and Assistance Program in Cleaner Production, based on an Austrian Methodology and Combines practical learning modules with an emphasis on implementation through technical assistance and the exchange of experiences.

This program allows us to strengthen our Environmental Management System and promote practices for the care of our planet


Certified quality

Como parte de nuestra política de calidad, tenemos asegurados y los certificados de los procesos, para ofrecer el mejor servicio.



ISO 9001:2015 specifies the requirements for a good Quality Management System and allows us to improve the processes to guarantee the success in the organization of one of the satisfaction of our customers.


ISO 45001

ISO 45001:2018 allows us to identify, evaluate, manage and manage the occupational health and occupational hazards of our human talent.


ISO 14001

ISO 14001:2015, Allows the organization to be committed to managing the balance between maintaining profitability and reducing environmental impact.


Meet Our Team of Specialists

Manuel Fernando M.


Manuel Fernando M.

It is a pleasure to greet you on our 17th anniversary, this time we share new achievements and projects, we have new facilities and equipment renewed to provide a better service.

We continue to strengthen our service engineers in the area of analytics with training, in factory through our strategic allies ABB, DURAG, AGT / PSG, we are proud to be the first company? In Colombia that has a team for the calibration of online analyzers HOVACAL, this allows us to be at the forefront in technology, contributing to business development, meeting the needs of our customers, helping to comply with environmental standards.

I also share the growth of Insolcal company that today has calibration laboratories in the variables temperature, length and pressure. We are in the process of accrediting the mass laboratory according to NTC 17025-2005.

Camila Rodríguez


Camila Rodríguez

En INSOLTEC Ltda Tenemos claro que el mejoramiento continuo de los procesos ha sido la base de estos 18 años de experiencia y lo que nos impulsa cada día a trabajar motivados, por eso desde la Coordinación Administrativa nos preocupamos por liderar la gestión de recursos para garantizar la mejor calidad en la prestación de nuestros servicios, estamos comprometidos con nuestros colaboradores capacitándolos constantemente, asegurando la experticia necesaria para brindar soluciones integrales a nuestros clientes, desde la eficiencia en la administración y gestión del recurso humano y en la gestión de compras nos aseguramos de contar con proveedores calificados para la compra de productos y suministros, así respaldamos la calidad, garantía y tiempo de entrega de nuestros servicios.

Jorge Ariza


Jorge Ariza

Servicios de Ingeniería


Servicios de Ingeniería